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Food supply chain resource efficiency and 'true cost of waste'

The Centre for Design and Society and d___LAb has teamed up with Visy, a global packaging and recycling company and volunteer customers, to work across the supply chain from harvest to retail, to map and measure food waste generated.

The use of the Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool (DIRECT) for recording and measuring the waste has been invaluable and has led to further improvements in the tool. Given the growing global concerns over food and resources security with significant population growth, Food Waste Reduction has become an important corporate target. This project focuses primarily on the quantity and reasons for food waste generated with the ultimate objective of optimizing food efficiency in the supply chain. Food waste or food not finding its way to the final consumer for consumption, also embodies significant amounts of energy, water, carbon and other resources in its journey through the supply chain. Thus, this project also provides food producers and brand owners with insightful information to identify key areas for resource-use improvement.

Research Team
Karli Verghese, Simon Lockrey
Industry Partners
Visy and various Visy customers
Date: 2015-2017
Status: Completed