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Alessi Mutants Projects
Italian design company, Alessi SpA together with Professor Tom Kovac of RMIT University and Professor Reiner Zettl from IoA die Andgewandte in Wien, have undertaken, through the Alessi Mutants' Workshops, 6 years of collaborative design research projects involving students from both universities on international level. This year will mark the 7th Alessi Mutants Workshop commencing June 2016.

The program consists of a sequence of 5-week workshop held in Vienna, supplemented by visits to the Alessi Headquarters in Crusinallo, Italy. It explores the relationship between architecture and the industrial object, transcending product typologies, focusing on a series of small-scale object studies and examining the close relationship between contemporary design and an industrial scale of production.

In May 2016, at the prestigious Wanted Design Exhibition in New York, Tom Kovac designed and curated the premiere and revelation of the Alessi Mutants Projects.

The Exhibition was entirely interactive and through a series of iPads, visitors navigate a mobileā€optimized data responsive web app (

It is an exposition and interpretation of the culmination of six years of research undertaken through Alessi Mutants Workshops. The Alessi Mutants Exhibition explores the relationship between architecture and industrial objects, emphasising small-scale furniture and object studies.

The outcome is the manifestation of an extensive body of work, providing the observer with a critical exploration, and multifaceted experience, of emergent digital directions in object and architectural design.

It is from this prestigious platform that RMIT has launched the first of a series of travelling exhibitions to commence in July 2016 at the Venice Biennale. These will span Europe, Asia and Australia.

Image Credits:
Akin by Christine Bui
Backpack by Tao Guo & Irvan Shane Ward
Picnic Sack by Sarah Lo Bianco Ceravolo

WantedDesign Exhibition

Professor Tom Kovac
Research Assistants
Grant Trewella, Elana Kovac
Research Collaborators
Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts, Vienna)
Industry Partners
Alessi SpA
Date: 2016
Status: 2016 Wanted Design, New York Exhibition completed;
Travelling Exhibition, Venice Biennale July 2016 and
Alessi Mutants VII to be conducted in Vienna in June – July 2016