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Atmosphere installation for Selandra Rise

The City of Casey are entering a collaborative research project with RMIT's Augmented Landscapes Laboratory (ALL) to design an 'atmosphere installation' for a community centre in Selandra Rise in the City of Casey. The project is a prototype for future collaborative research projects between local councils and ALL.

Augmented Landscapes Laboratory (ALL) is an interdisciplinary team of design researchers in Architecture & Design. We initiate research projects to develop interactive systems that generate affective environments in public spaces. Recent advances in digital technology have made possible the creation of new sensory relationships between people and their immediate environment.
The City of Casey are interested in trialing new approaches to commissions; in this case, a research project in which a public art work will emerge from a design research process. The artwork will respond to the City of Casey’s Public Art Policy, encouraging original Public Art that enhances public space and community facilities in Casey, reflecting aspects of the area’s unique heritage, attributes of local neighbourhoods and aspirations of its local community through a diversity of contemporary art forms.

Jordan Lacey (Lead CI), Charles Anderson, Ross McLeod, Shanti Sumartojo, Chuan Khoo
Industry Partners
City of Casey
Date: 2016
Status: Commencing in July