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Ceramic Atelier collaboration with Studio Arico

This project between Dr Judith Glover of the Industrial Design program and Antonio Arico of Studio Arico in Milan explored product collaboration and development using old and new ceramic production techniques.

The project the explored the differences and commonalities between Italian design and Australian design sensibilities developing 2 functional table ware ranges for a contemporary market. Arico and Glover have explored the tension between Italian tradition, drawing on baroque motifs of shells and Australian’s sense of colour, modernity and freedom. Arico and Glover have utilised some of the advanced manufacturing capabilities of RMIT’s A+D workshops to push the limits of a traditional manufacturing technique (slip-cast porcelain) into 21st century technological possibilities without abandoning the best of traditional techniques. 1 collection called the Shipwrecked Coast explored contemporary Australian lifestyle utilizing simple modernist aesthetics and glaze-on-glaze techniques reflecting the colour palette where the sea meets the shore. The other collection of Shellware was heavily influenced by Italian baroque motifs and the tradition of historical ceramic shellware utilizing lustres over the top glaze. The outcomes will be exhibited internationally, manufactures sought for parts of the collection and prototypes used to approach various industry partners for future projects. Parts of the collection have been reproduced in Domus, Designboom, Formagamma and Tirade magazines.

Research Team
Dr Judith Glover
Research Collaborators
Antonio Arico (Italy)
Industry Partners
Studio Arico (Italy), Chris Keane and Clayworks Australia, Northcote Pottery
Date: 2015
Status: Completed