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Dementia Studios

The School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University is engaged in the 'Dementia Studios' which is an ongoing inter-disciplinary project dedicated to the contribution of deign in the broader context of dementia. The Dementia Studios have a two tier approach – research practice and pedagogy; involving academics and students at RMIT. It operates through design studio teaching, industry partnerships and research scholarship; embedded within the School’s specialized research clusters. In 2016, the disciplines working on issues of Dementia in society are Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Communication Design.

URLs/Links to existing media/promotions:
A Design Approach
Dementia Studio Exhibition

Image credits
00 rmit dementia studio
01 Muhammad Faizal Ismail (Architecture)
02 Xiyue Wang (Architecture)
03 Freya Catchpooles (Interior Design)
04 Freya Catchpooles (Interior Design)
05 Li Zixuan and Mahmoud Ibrahim (Landscape Architecture)
06 Henry Blain (Industrial Design)
07 Joshua Suklan (Industrial Design)

Prof. Richard Blythe, Ian Nazareth, Areli Avendano (Industrial Design), Anthony Clarke (Architecture), Judith Glover (Industrial Design), Brad Haylock (Communication Design), Heike Rahmann (Landscape Architecture), Rosie Scott (Interior Design)
Research Collaborators
University of Wollongong (Prof Richard Fleming, Kirsty Bennett), and Kate Swaffer
Industry Partners
Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria
Date: 2016
Status: completed