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FabPod II

The second iteration of the FabPod research extends the full scale prototyping undertaken in 2012-13. Since the completion of the large prototype, a series of studies have been undertaken into the acoustic performance and function, and reflection has addressed key successes and challenges of the project. This has included a broad consultation within RMIT and with industry partners.

The second prototype aims to deepen research into the relationship between architecture and digital manufacturing, and design for acoustics in small meeting spaces.

FabPod II, explores and develops a series of key concepts:

  • A modular workflow system centred on a series of customisable, stackablecell components.
  • Customised of geometry and material to provide detailed and specific design iterationsand flexibility at larger scales.
  • A lightweight structural framing system, custom cut and rapidly assembled in sheet metal.
  • Material form-finding and robotic cutting for custom ‘reveals’.
  • Massive partitions and partially sealed ceiling for sound attenuation into and out of the meeting pod.
  • Acoustic diffusion for internal acoustic clarity
Research Team
Concept design: Nicholas Williams, John Cherrey
Acoustic feedback: Pantea Alambeigi, Sipei Zhao, Xiaojun Qiu.
Developed design: Chen Cahui, Jane Burry
Industry Partner
RMIT Property Services
Woven Image
ARC Linkage Project Sound of Space, CIs Jane Burry, Mark Burry, industry partners: Dylan Martyn, Haworth and Sagrada Familia Basilica
Date: 2015
Status: Ongoing