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Laminar Bodies

The Laminar Bodies installation, designed by Roland Snooks was exhibited at the Adam Gallery in Wellington in 2015.

The project explores the translation of algorithmically generated complex geometry into surfaces fabricated from laser cut steel sheet. The complex curvature of the form is achieved through the lamination of relatively small sheet steel components that assemble to form the highly intricate computational geometry. This local flatness of the geometry limits the structural depth and necessitates creating structural strength through surface curvature. Consequently an algorithmic strategy was developed to generate surfaces with a high degree of curvature.

This project was supported by: RMIT University School of Architecture and Design d___Lab, Victoria University of Wellington, and the Adam Art Gallery (Wellington). Laminar Bodies was commissioned and curated by Simon Twose.

Research Team
Dr. Roland Snooks (Design Lead), Ashan Perera, Ben Verzijl, Andres Rivera.
Fabrication Team
Valentina Soana, Derek Kawiti, Judyta Cichocka, Mint Wallace, Daniel Crooks, Minh Nguyen
Date:  April 2015
Status: completed