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Management of construction and demolition waste in Vietnam

The Centre for Design and Society partners with RMIT University Vietnam to identify and quantify the construction and demolition waste collection pathways for waste concrete in Vietnam.

The project will, for the first time, quantify and map data relating to current concrete waste management practices in Vietnam, including disposal practices used (e.g. landfill and recycling), logistics pathways and processing quantities of informal and formal recyclers. The pilot project will also identify constraints in the existing recycling system, such as formal recycling infrastructure. These data will then be used to estimate quantities of concrete from C&D streams that could be diverted towards recycling streams, as well as providing insight into existing recycling bottlenecks, which limit higher recycling rates.

Research Team
Simon Lockrey, Karli Verghese
Research Collaborators
Nguyen Manh Hung, Enda Crossin
Industry Partners
Vietnam Green Building Association, URENCO, RMIT University Vietnam, Vietnam Research Partnerships Support Scheme
Date: 2014
Status: Completed