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Officina Imperia – Resilient Imperia Architectural and landscape projects for urban and environmental regeneration

Officina Imperia – Resilient Imperia aims to produce investigations and strategic visions conceiving resilient urban and landscape scenarios for the regeneration of the town of Imperia and surrounding territory in the Liguria region, Italy, at many integrated levels: from urban to landscape, infrastructural, social, cultural and economic.

Imperia is tested as a relevant case-study of urban and economic stagnation – a scenario that is common to many Italian and European towns that are currently facing complex challenges in redefining themselves as sustainable and resilient urban/economic environments after having been affected by economic depression over the last few years. The envisaged design investigations entail in particular the following operative strategies:
– reuse/reprogramming of existing disused industrial spaces and infrastructures, and/or left-over open spaces, also including the relocation of the existing railway line;
– re-landscaping and re-vegetation of existing open spaces;
– consolidation and reprogramming of left-over and incomplete spaces and buildings.

Officina Imperia design laboratory is part of a larger and extended international partnership between RMIT University, Polimi-Milan Polytechnic, Imperia Confindustria and Imperia Council, with the patronage of the Italian Institute of Architects. It includes international partnered design studios, as well as exhibitions, presentations and publication of the laboratory outcomes.

Major Events

1. Exhibition and public workshop at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition Reporting From the Front, La Biennale di Venezia, July 2016
Presentations by RMIT staff (Mauro Baracco, Tom Holbrook), Milan Polytechnic staff (Gennaro Postiglione, ), Milan Polytechnic students, and government partner: Imperia Council

2. Exhibition and Symposium at Imperia, 18-27 November 2016.
Presentations by RMIT staff (Mauro Baracco, Jonathan Ware, Tom Holbrook), Milan Polytechnic (Alessandra Oppio, Francesco Lenzini), industry partner Confindustria Imperia (Alberto Alberti), government partner Imperia Council (Carlo Capacci, Imperia Major), and national president of Italian Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia

Media Releases:

Research Team
Mauro Baracco, Jonathan Ware
Research Collaborators
Politecnico di Milano – Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni – Dipartimento Dastu, RMIT EU Barcelona, Imperia Council, Imperia Confindustria, Italian Institute of Architects
Date: 2016
Status: Current