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Performing Mobilities

Performing Mobilities explores how different ways that human, non-human and material movements are performed can reveal shifts in contemporary cultures and ecologies, and signal opportunities for future action.

Constructed as a rich program of creative practice research activities, Performing Mobilities explores how contemporary life in Australia, the world’s largest island continent, is framed by borders whilst constantly being reconstructed through dynamic processes of mobility. Over 2015 the program sought to creatively and critically explore forms, forces, dynamics, meanings and consequences of performing mobility. The research proceeded through journey-based projects that manifested TRACES in gallery expositions at RMIT Gallery and Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne, via PASSAGES of mobile performance through Melbourne, into a four day ASSEMBLY symposium. Proposals were invited from artists, makers, writers and researchers for cross-form and interdisciplinary creative projects and performances, temporary interventions, performative presentations and scholarly papers. The ASSEMBLY brought together artistic research and critical reflection to investigate intersections of performance and mobility that are of Australasian regional relevance and global resonance.

Performing Mobilities is the Australian regional cluster contribution to PSi#21 Fluid States (, a networked, year-long program initiated by Performance Studies international (PSi). Over 2015, fifteen regional performance gatherings were staged in diverse global locations in order to rethink performance ideas and practices in terms of shifting geopolitical and socio-political realities.

The research will soon be published as a book (forthcoming 2016) and a rich media online archive.

Image credits:
‘Remote Viewing’ – Lucy Bleach
‘Beheld’ (Sydney) – Graeme Miller (photo Mark Ashkanasy)
‘Very Local Radio’ – Sasha Brbich / Heidi Angove
‘PAN & ZOOM’ – Jondi Keene & Kaya Barry
‘Taking a Line for a Walk’ – David Thomas & Laurene Vaughan

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Research Team
Dr Mick Douglas, artistic director
Prof David Cross Deakin University, Paul Gazzola, Dr Bianca Hester, Dr James Oliver University of Melbourne, Assoc Prof Paul Rae University of Melbourne, Prof Laurene Vaughn RMIT University, Dr Meredith Rogers Latrobe University, Dr Fiona Wilkie Roehampton University (UK)
Research Partners
Performance Studies International
presenting partners RMIT Gallery and Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA
Victorian Government through Creative Victoria
University of Melbourne Faculty of VCA & MCM + Melbourne Social Equity Institute
Research Collaborators
Mammad Aidani, Omid Movafagh, Mike Fard, Mohsen Panahi & Hoda Kazemitame > Australian Performance Exchange > Chris Barry > Lucy Bleach > Brogan Bunt, Lucas Ihlein & Kim Williams > David Cross & Jem Noble (UK) > Mick Douglas > Paul Gazzola & Nadia Cusimano > Jondi Keane & Kaya Barry > LaJetée (IT) > Anthony Pelchen > Graeme Miller (UK) > Open Spatial Workshop > Punctum > David Thomas & Laurene Vaughan > Bill Atchison (UK) > Chris Braddock (NZ) > Kim Donaldson > Ceri Hann, Benjamin Cittadini, Fiona Hillary & Shanti Sumartojo > Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove > Deirdre Heddon (UK) > Angela Kilford (NZ) > Shaun McLeod, Peter Fraser, Olivia Millard, Jason Marchant & Sophia Cowen > Eddie Paterson & Lara Stevens > Julieanna Preston & Jen Archer-Martin (NZ) > Brian Ritchie & Stuart Tanner > Sam Trubridge > Neal Haslem > Robert Eales > Kate Riggs > Felipe Cervera > Amaara Raheem > Din Heagney > Josh Batty > Theron Schmidt > Jacqueline Naismith
Date: 2015
Status: Current