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Sonic Ruptures – ABC RN (Soundproof)

Sonic Ruptures is a three-part program for ABC Radio National’s Soundproof program that imaginatively recounts a journey through a series of iconic international sonic parks, urban installations and architectural sound sculptures. The work is a sonic exploration of Lacey’s book Sonic Rupture: a practice-led approach to urban soundscape design (Bloomsbury publishing, 2016).

The journey includes sites across N-E USA, the U.K. and Europe (Oct 2015) that were documented, including high quality sound recordings, interviews with artists/architects/curators, and poetic voice-overs based on site-specific field notes. These form the sonic material for a Soundproof three-part series (15mins each), which explores the role of sound installations in discovering new ‘voices’ in the expanding ‘urban crust’ of the Anthropocene. Concepts and ideas from my upcoming book ‘Sonic Rupture’ (Bloomsbury), which in part philosophically reflects on the journey, will be voiced as poetic augmentations of both real and processed field recordings. Fragments of interviews with creators, which explore the connection between their artistic processes and the installations as ‘urban expressions’, will be woven into the mix. The Soundproof format provides an opportunity to shape this material into a form that creates evocative sonic presences for listeners, who will be placed inside the real environmental sounds of the installations and compositional interpretations of imagined in-situ felt experiences.

The proposed production will include three 15-minute sections. Each section will include material from three sound installation types. These include:
1. Urban speakers – electroacoustic approaches
2. Sound forests – multiple sound installations in parklands
3. Elemental shapings – materials that sonify the natural environment
Each episode will begin with a brief explanation of the included global locations, and the sound installation ‘type’ explored in the program. We then move into an interlacing play of the four audio types: voice-overs, installation recordings, interviews and composed material. Each episode acts as a soundscape-narrative crossover, which brings the listener inside the three installation types. ‘Urban speaker’ will be abrasive and gritty; ‘Sound forests’ will be more composed due to the real-world acoustic separation between installations and environment; ‘Elemental shapings’ will emphasize the natural fluctuations of both kinetic and resonant sound sculptures. The sonic material will drift between the four audio types, analogous to the dreamlike qualities that the installations affect in those who linger for long periods of time. However, the listeners will not be bound by geography; they will drift between installations, with all acoustic expressions morphing into the others. This emphasizes the interconnection of the sound installations, as networks that strive to flood the urban with imaginative presence.

Research Team
Jordan Lacey, Lawrence Harvey
Industry Partners
Date: 31 May – 11 November 2016
Status: Current