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Subterranean Voices

Subterranean was an 8-speaker spatial sound composition performed in The Trench, situated beneath Federation Square for the 2013 14th Liquid Architecture Sound-Art festival. 12 iterations of a 20-minute performance recreated the weekly sounds of Flinders Street Station.

The work, commissioned by the 2013 14th Liquid Architecture Sound-Art festival, explored ways that the sounds of the everyday could be transformed in a real-world setting. This included being immersed in the Trench for one month listening, recording, editing and playing back sounds in real-time. Subterranean Voices was a unique example of an electroacoustic work being played live in relation to a surrounding urban environment. This carries on Jordan’s research exploring how the sonic arts can transform urban environments for application to urban design innovations. It also presents a method for recording environmental sounds and using a Digital Audio Workstation and midi equipment to transform real-time, real-world sounds for the production of new, often meditative, experiences.
The work belongs to a lineage of electroacoustic works. Notable present international examples include Agositino Di Sicpio, whose ‘audible ecosystemics’ works use background sound to generate new sound environments. In Melbourne Lawrence Harvey and Nigel Frayne work with multi-speaker arrays located in public spaces. More distant examples include John Cage and Luigi Russolo both of who explored the role of urban sounds in composition.
Lacey was interviewed on Radio National’s “Into the Music” about the work, which can be accessed here:

Jordan Lacey
Industry Partners
Federation Square, Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival
Date: 2013
Status: Completed