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Tree Sprawl

A collaboration between RMIT University, School of Architecture and Design; MCMC, Merri Creek Management Committee; and CERES Community Environment Park; supported by RMIT School of Architecture and Design

Consolidation and Expansion of Open Vegetated Space projects in the Urban Territory of Merri Creek, Melbourne, with particularly focus on leftover, brownfield and green reserve areas. Aiming to regenerate these and other types of open environment, these projects also tackle human population growth and the associated problematic consequences that currently affect Melbourne and Australian urban areas in general, and believe that urban densification must include and rely on careful attention to the in-between space, and that this space should be vegetated.

Research Team
Mauro Baracco, Mohammed Afiq Shazwan Abd Samat, Pia Socias, Emily Wallace
Industry Partners
MMC, Merri Creek Management Committee, CERES, Community Environment Park
Date: 2010
Status: Completed