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Ian Nazareth

Associate Lecturer and Industry Fellow

Ian Nazareth is an Architect and Associate Lecturer and Industry Fellow in Architecture and Urban Design, at the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.

Ian leads design studios and research electives at a post-graduate level across the Architecture and Urban Design programs and in the past taught into the Landscape Architecture and Industrial Design disciplines.

Ian has practiced in Mumbai and Melbourne and his professional experience spans a range of projects for the public and private sectors, comprising strategic urban projects, residential and institutional architectural work as well as design-research consultancies. Ian also contributes extensively to architecture media and publication with a focus on design practice in the Asia-Pacific region and his writing and research has been featured on the Australian Design Review, Architectural Review Asia Pacific and Urban Pamphleteer.

Ian’s research focusses on urban architecture, engaging with cities through a diversity of issues that impact the design of the built environment. Projects operate across the disciplines of architecture and urban design, and confronts and intervenes within complex and intricate metropolitan systems. Of particular interest is the transformation of urban landscapes through infrastructure, industrial shifts and decentralisation of programs.

Ian was previously an Associate Director at the Urban Design Research Institute in Mumbai.