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Karli Verghese

Associate Professor | Principal Research Fellow

Associate Professor Karli Verghese is the Principal Research Fellow. She also leads the Sustainable Products and Packaging group.

Karli’s research includes developing qualitative and quantitative tools to assist in environmental decision making.

Karli has co-authored a number of books, including once focusing on LCA and packaging sustainability: Life Cycle Assessment – Principles, Practice and Prospects (2009) and Packaging for Sustainability (2012). She is an Editorial Board Member of Packaging Technology and Science and also writes a regular column in the Australian packaging magazine PKN.

Other projects include the ‘Future of Packaging’ white paper for the Australian Food and Grocery Council (2012) and ‘The role of packaging in minimising food waste in the supply chain’ for CHEP Australia (2013). She is working with the Plenty Food Group leading the development of a food waste resource audit tool with funding from Sustainability Victoria and leading a project with Banyule City Council, funded by the Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG), of household food and food waste diaries.

Karli is also the lead Chief Investigator of LCA in ‘The last frontier: using life cycle assessment to reduce the environmental impacts of scientific operations in the Antarctic’, a five year project funded through the Australian Antarctic Science Program 2012/13.