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Liam Fennessy

Program Manager, Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)

Liam Fennessy is Program Manager of Industrial Design in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University.

Liam’s research is concerned with how design practice attends to the socio-cultural-environmental implications of new product and service development he teaches across a range of design studio, theory and methodological domains. With doctoral research focused on the transitions of industrial design pedagogy and practice after the project of industrialisation his academic activities centre on the the generation of new prospects for industrial design through industry/community facing research and teaching that engage with ideas of sustainment, designed de-materialisation and the generation of more meaningful product service systems relationships. Commissioned research projects include: design for animal welfare and environmental enrichment, design for conservation and technology enabled conservation science for Zoo’s Victoria; new product and service design with multiple partners to enable collaborative working and organisational change, notions of product and service adaptation in view of sustainability, health, inclusion, new technologies, and changing enterprise models; and, design futuring research for Suncorp Group looking at the implications of a transforming manufacturing sector and the changing nature of data driven design IP to questions of materiality, value, risk mitigation, reproduction and remediation.