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Vivian Mitsogianni

Deputy Dean Architecture & Urban Design

Professor Vivian Mitsogianni is Deputy Dean of Architecture and Urban Design at RMIT and a partner in M@ Studio architects.

Vivian was the founding research leader of the Future Fabric of Cities flagship research program in the RMIT Design Research Institute (2009–2013) and has expertise in facilitating processes for design innovation by combining experimental design practice research and ‘real world’ industry-linked projects.

Prior to starting this role, Vivian was responsible for curating the Master of Architecture Design Studios (2001–2009), where she commissioned a number of studios by leading venturous local and international design practices.
She has extensive experience in Architectural practice, is a registered Architect and is on the Education Committee of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), having also held a position on the AIA Chapter Council (2000–2002).

Vivian undertakes practice-based design research with a focus on experimental design processes, and she is often called as an expert internationally on architectural design research.

Her PhD (2009), ‘White noise PANORAMA: Process-based Architectural Design’, has been widely acknowledged as a significant contribution to the field of design process. Her own design projects, speculative and critical commentary and research-led speculative design studios have been widely published and exhibited internationally.