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d___Lab adopts and develops new technologies, testing through design their potential for addressing the challenges of the future.

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The impact of digital methods on the making of Architecture.

The development and adoption of digital technologies within the design process has the potential to open up new spaces of design possibility. d___Lab is engaged in the development of innovative computational techniques and methodologies, which leading to new ways of addressing the organisation, construction and expression of buildings.

How new technologies changes the way we live in our landscapes, buildings and cities.

Developing design strategies that incorporate and respond to the availability of big data enable a more responsive and agile approach to the development of buildings and cities. d___Lab are engaged in developing innovate processes for capturing spatial data and the application of this to the design and modification of real-time environments.

Investigating new materials and processes through architectural design.

Architecture is intrinsically constrained by the materials and methods by which it is constructed. The development of new material applications, fabrication techniques and modes of assembly are examined for their architectural implications. d___Lab is at the forefront in developing experimental applications of robotics and new materials to building construction methods. d___Lab investigates these potentials not in isolation, but as part of a holistic approach to rethinking what buildings can be.

Disruptive technologies create new value.

Through the development and adoption of disruptive technologies, d___Lab is concerned with examining how our current ways of doing things can be transformed to create new forms of material, social and expressive value.