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The Landscape Conversation

An occasional podcast series that explores the diverse ways in which landscape is worked in, thought of and defined. Landscape architects, scientists, artists, filmmakers and others who shape how we understand landscape discuss their work, their influences and their ideas about landscape in a series of informal interviews.

The Landscape Conversation series aims to generate an i record of landscape culture through a series of informal interviews with prominent landscape practitioners across a diverse range of disciplines active in the landscape – artists, writers, geographers, film makers, scientists, Landscape Architects, and others who shape how we understand landscape. The conversations will explore how practitioners form the idea of landscape, what it means to them and how they operate within the landscape given that particular understanding of it.

The series will create an important record of the way valued practitioners understand, conceive and create landscape. The aim is to build an open-access archive with a focus on the Australian experience of landscape in its broadest sense. International contributions are to be included as opportunity arises. The work will be published as a series of podcasts hosted via a project website.

RMIT Researcher
Anton James
Research Collaborators
Charles Anderson, Matthew Kneale, Angela Grant
Date: 2016-June 2017
7 April 2017 Launch – Episode 1 Kathryn Gustafson
1 May 2017 Episode 2 Phillip Coxal- McGregor Coxal
29 May 2017 Episode 3 Idris Murphy
26 June 2017 Episode 4 Sue Barnsley